“Mining with Dominant Finance means working with a real business that provides transparent reporting.”

Cryptocurrency mining is the new gold mining.

At one time, millions of people worked and mined gold in the mines. Gold mining still occurs today but it is not as safe and lucrative as cryptocurrency mining. In the next 3-5 years, most savvy investors will profitably accumulate their money through cryptocurrency mining.


Our mining site has a 10-month operation history of 156 “Antminer S9-13.5TH/s” miners and 44 GPU rigs made of 6 top-end “GTX GeForce 1070 Ti” graphic cards. Our 1067 kW power capacity is enough to provide for the operation of about 700 “Antminer S9” miners which mine Bitcoin on a SHA-256 algorithm.

1. Interested in independent mining?

Excellent! But to do this, you need to be a qualified expert.
On top of that, where will you place your mining equipment? At home? Home is not an ideal location, as you will essentially be turning your home into an airfield (look up the sound levels of an S9 on YouTube if you don’t believe us).

2. What about balcony mining with GPU rigs?

Cool! But, let me ask you, how much will you earn on balcony mining?
Besides, do you know how much it costs to install one GPU rig with top-end graphic cards? The answer is: $8000 + a fair amount of frayed nerves. And what about monthly maintenance, electricity and repair of broken equipment?

3. Industrial mining is the best solution

We started cryptocurrency mining 10 months ago and have already recovered the funds we invested.
This was thanks to the explosive growth in November 2017, when Bitcoin was growing like crazy. We have intensive experience in purchasing, calibrating and connecting equipment to mining pools, as well as a specialized data center for equipment placement.

4. Start earning

Today, with us, you can become a co-owner of mining equipment.
We invite you to become a co-owner of mining equipment, without having to worry about any technical maintenance. With us, you get fully transparent information about the work of each commissioned miner and the payout received from the mining pool.

Are you ready to start your own mining business?