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Legal Aspects

Since Dominant Finance is not an investment fund or a broker, and does not manage funds of third parties and is not related to financial markets, we do not need to obtain a license of any kind. For reliable operations in different countries, we have registered the company in five jurisdictions in accordance with local laws, providing our customers with a wide geographic footprint around the world. To view the company’s incorporation certificates, go to the Regulatory Framework page of our website.
On our website, you can view the Public Offer Agreement of our international company Dominant Finance Ltd. (Belize). A public offer agreement is a form of concluding a treaty, completely legitimate in terms of legislation. The point is that the law provides for this way of entering into an agreement without any written execution. On the Dominant Finance official website, the company declares its intention to undertake commitments, listed in the Agreement, to any person who responds, and by extension, anyone becoming our client turns our intentions into our commitments. To become a client, an individual must perform certain actions (register on the company’s website, gain access to Member’s Area). As soon as the client takes such actions, the Agreement shall be deemed to have been executed and the obligations of the parties shall take effect. The legitimacy of this effect is determined by the law of international organizations, governing the rights and duties of citizens and legal persons. According to the law of international organizations, obligations under the public offer acceptance do not differ from the obligations arising from conclusion of a written agreement and are equally legitimate.

Financial reliability of Dominant Finance is confirmed by a cash security deposit in the amount of $1,000,000 distributed equally in $250,000 amounts across the four largest cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance (Shanghai, China), Bittrex (New York, USA), Kraken (San Francisco, USA), Poloniex (Delaware, USA). We have provided this security deposit as an insurance fund, which guarantees our clients compensation for losses in the event of unforeseen risks.

Dominant Finance is a resident of five countries (Belize, England, Hong Kong, USA and Russia) and is registered under the simplified tax system. Our own tax liabilities towards fiscal authorities of these countries will be discharged at the end of reporting year. Considering that our clients and partners are not formally employed at Dominant Finance, they must independently adhere to their own country’s tax laws and undertake reporting of their income on their own.

Member’s Area

This can be done quickly and easily. Click the Registration button and fill out a simple form, after which a welcome email will be sent to your e-mail address. Using the registration data, log in to your Member’s Area, where you can carry out all activities related to management of your account.

According to our provisions on payment of reward for the company promotion, you can only register through an upline’s referral link. If you accessed our website via a direct link (not through a partner’s advertising), kindly email us with the request for an upline’s link for registration. Our specialists will respond to you within one business day.

When logging in to your Member’s Area, you can see a link “Forgot your password?”. Click the link, enter your e-mail address specified during the registration, and we will email you a new password.

The secret password performs an additional security password function when making financial transactions in your Member’s Area. In the “Settings” menu of your Member’s Area, you should enter and save your secret password, which you will always use when performing any transactions.

Email us with a description of the problem, and be sure to specify your login information. Our specialists will respond to you within one business day.

Registration of two or more Member’s Areas with identical personal data is classified as creation of multiple accounts (multi-accounts). We do not support the intentional creation of multi-accounts for reasons of openness and transparency. A multi-account is also when the same person registers a second account under different names in order to obtain the affiliate reward bypassing his/her upline (the partner who referred you to the company’s website). In the case of registering 2-3 accounts for the same IP address, we will ask the owners of accounts with similar IP addresses to document their identity (e.g. passport, driving license or bank statement) and answer a phone call to avoid incrimination. If any user is caught creating multi-accounts, we will refund his or her money, write off the affiliate reward from the upline and terminate our cooperation with all persons appearing in the chain of multi-accounts.

Investment Program

To start investing, you must visit the page with our investment offers – Investment Packages


Step 1: Select the desired package and register your Member’s Area.


Step 2: Replenish your transit account with a suitable currency and payment system.


Step 3: Pay for the selected package.


Step 4: After the pool under the paid investment package is generated, you will see the status “Purchasing” in your Member’s Area; after the purchase of mining equipment, we begin its installation, configuration and connection, and you will see the status “Setup”; after the equipment is configured and connected to the account in the mining pool, you will see the status “Mining Launched”, and from that day forward your investment generates income. On average, the investment package’s activation procedure takes 3 to 6 days.


Step 5: Every day at 6:00 PM (GMT+3) you will receive income to your personal account in the same currency and payment system from which the package was paid for.

The time frames differ for each investment package. For example, since the DOMINANT package is in great demand, the pool generation under this package may take only 3-5 days. Under ALTPOOL and CRYPTON packages, the pool is usually generated within 5-7 days; but if for any reason this process takes longer, we can summarize the investments in all the pools currently being generated and transfer the deposit into a more profitable DOMINANT package.

Every investment package provides for its own minimum and maximum deposit amount. To view this, go to the Investment Packages page or click the “Investment” button in your Member’s Area.

Profit under the purchased investment packages is accrued every day at 6:00 PM (GMT+3) since the date the package was activated.
The service life of any investment package is 400 calendar days from the date of activation.
We have no limitations on the number of purchased investment packages.
At Dominant Finance, the deposit principal is an investment asset which works according to a determined strategy, featuring actually purchased mining equipment. As long as the strategy is active, the invested funds must remain part of the strategy. Thus, the deposit principal is not subject to early withdrawal, and, in addition, it is included in daily accruals.
Yes, you can merge your investments with one or more friends and buy a joint package for a single Member’s Area. You will receive payouts to a single account, but you can distribute that income among yourselves separately.
Since you can invest and withdraw funds in cryptocurrency (without conversion into conventional currencies), you can receive an additional percentage of profit due to its organic growth. If you exchange cryptocurrency with fiat money at the right time, the amortization period of your investments can be halved thanks to your increased profits, while your overall earnings increase accordingly.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Currently, you can choose between the following options for deposits and withdrawals: several crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, BitcoinCash, Dash, Ripple, Litecoin) and several electronic payment systems (Perfect Money USD/EUR, Advanced Cash USD/EUR, Payeer USD, NixMoney USD). To view the current list of available options for deposits and withdrawals, please go to this page or log in to your Member’s Area.

1. Make sure that the standard deadlines for the funds crediting have been missed.


2. Email a screenshot of your payment from your payment system account  or to our specialist via the online chat, and be sure to state in your comments that the transfer hasn’t been received on your transit account, specifying your username, the replenishment method, date and amount of account replenishment.


3. Wait for our reply. Our specialists will respond within one business day.

Yes, of course, we have an attractive bonus offer for our clients. Do you want to receive up to 1.9% more when replenishing your account? Use our internal exchange and purchase bids placed by clients on the sale of their profits and receive from 0.5% to 1.9% extra on the replenishment amount. Learn more about the exchange.

Withdrawals are opened every Sunday at 3:00 PM (GMT+3) and are carried out through the Dominant Finance internal exchange. From this day onwards, you can withdraw funds at any time. To do this, log in to your Member’s Area, go to the “Finance ›› Sell” tab and execute a withdrawal request by completing a simple form. Your request will be sent to the Dominant Finance internal exchange, where it will be purchased by another client or the company within 1-10 days. The exchange regulations can be found on the relevant page of our website or in your Member’s Area.
Our company does not charge any fees for the account replenishment by any of the available methods. Commission for withdrawals by any of the available methods is 2%. However, you can significantly reduce the commission, using our internal exchange. Learn more about the exchange.

1. Make sure that the standard deadlines for the funds withdrawal have been missed. 


2. Check the “History of the Exchange Bids Sold” and “General Transaction History” tabs in your Member’s Area. The status of your transaction will be shown in relevant tables.


3. If you have any withdrawal problems, email us at: [email protected], describing the nature of the problem as accurately as possible, and be sure to specify your username.


4. Wait for our reply. Our specialists will respond within one business day.

Financial relations between Dominant Finance clients are carried out according to the rules of our internal exchange. You can receive and transfer funds from/to other clients’ accounts using our service. Learn more about the exchange.

At Dominant Finance, you can replenish your account with any amount; there are no minimums or maximums for deposits.


Minimum withdrawal amount is:


  • Tether – 4.93248 USDT
  • Bitcoin – 0.005 BTC
  • Ethereum – 0.0354 ETH
  • Dash – 0.09818 DASH
  • Zcash – 0.18369 ZEC
  • Bitcoin Cash – 0.02381 BCH
  • Litecoin – 0.10838 LTC
  • Ripple – 22.01175 XRP
  • Tronix – 349.29383 TRX
  • Nem – 90.18253 XEM
  • Ether Classic – 0.81634 ETC
  • Dogecoin – 1807.9385 DOGE
  • Monero – 0.08087 XMR
  • Waves – 8.37142 WAVES
  • Advanced Cash USD – 5 $
  • Advanced Cash EUR – 4.4 €
  • Advanced Cash RUR – 335 ₽
  • Perfect Money USD – 5 $
  • Perfect Money EUR – 4.4 €
  • NixMoney USD – 5 $
  • Payeer USD – 5 $

Maximum withdrawal amount is not limited.