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Presentation of the Dominant Finance corporate identity  

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Hello dear customers of Dominant Finance.

Have you ever wondered where all the banners, folders, notepads, flags and other eye-catching materials for offline promotion of Dominant Finance come from?

Watch the new video from Dominant Finance office:

New Facebook business page of the company’s President Thomas Eklundh  

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Hello, dear customers and partners of Dominant Finance.

Please accept our apologies for the situation with the official Facebook business page of our company’s President Thomas Eklundh.

Join the new President’s business page:

New promotional tools for the most active dominators!

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Hello, dear partners of Dominant Finance.

Remembering our promise to provide you with high-quality, technology-based and effective promotional tools for working in the Internet, we are pleased to announce the completion of work on a set of animated banners and affiliate websites, implemented in the Dominant Finance corporate style…

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To operate internationally, we have registered the company in Belize. In the jurisdiction of Europe, our company has been registered in England. To operate in East Asia, we have established a company in Hong Kong. For long-term development and entering the US market, we have registered our company in the United States. To open a representative office in Moscow, Russia, we have registered a company in accordance with Russian law and opened a bank account.


Our mining site has a 10-month operation history of 156 “Antminer S9-13.5TH/s” miners and 44 GPU rigs made of 6 top-end “GTX GeForce 1070 Ti” graphic cards. The power capacity available to allocate to the equipment operation is 1067 kW. We invite you to become a co-owner of mining equipment, without having to worry about any technical maintenance. With us, you get fully transparent information about the work of each commissioned miner and the payout received from the mining pool. Crypto mining involves solving complex mathematical problems to validate transactions on the blockchain. Miners earn rewards in cryptocurrency, which are stored securely in a crypto wallet. In the UK, using a reliable crypto wallet UK ensures your mined assets are safe, providing seamless access to manage and trade your earnings.


Our second specialization is managing mined cryptoassets at the largest cryptocurrency exchanges with high liquidity and reliability ratings: Gaining cryptocurrency from P2E (play-to-earn) games is a lucrative venture. Players engage in various activities within these games to earn rewards, including valuable tokens like the Playdoge token. This innovative model transforms gaming into a profitable activity, offering players the opportunity to accumulate digital assets while enjoying immersive gameplay experiences. Binance, Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex. We publish every trade entry and exit, and you can track our actions and see real-trade indicators. As insurance, we have made a cash security deposit of $1,000,000 ($250,000 per each above exchange), which guarantees our customers compensation for losses in the event of unforeseen risks.

Dominant Finance is a team of professional managers and developers

Thomas Eklundh

President, Primary Investor

Magnus Larsson

Chief Compliance Officer

Dmitry Garusov

Executive Director

Our investment offers are based on real business

Dominant Finance’s liquidity is provided by the world's leading producers of mining equipment and cryptocurrency exchanges